​​​​​​​The Clique is a true docuseries set in Chicago, IL that will take you on a journey through the colorful and unbelievable life of Chicago businessman Calvin Hollins. Calvin Hollins is the most interesting man you probably never heard of.

For over 35 years Calvin owned some of the hottest nightclubs in Chicago. The Clique is not just about the night clubs Calvin owned but also about the inner Cliques he was involved in throughout his life. The Clique will reveal never before told stories and dark secrets about Calvin and his friendships with Mr.T and Mike Tyson, Chicago crooked cops and politicians, professional athletes, Chicago mobsters and celebrities.

The Clique will take you back to Calvin’s childhood where he witnessed his mom shoot a man, his dad get shot by his sister, to him being arrested then pardoned for murder and to 2003 where Calvin’s dreams all came crashing down when 21 people died in the stairwell of his nightclub E2. 

​The series ​starts in 1984, the tragic night Calvin was out at The Clique with some friends having a good time and at the end of the night got into an altercation with some Chicago gang members which led to Calvin having broken ribs, a broken jaw and charged with murder.

The Clique will be filmed in Chicago in the same neighborhoods where Calvin grew up and where he worked and owned his night clubs

​Calvin's life story will have you asking just how much of this docuseries is true? THE ANSWER IS ALL OF IT!